For Educational institutions

Current problems faced by educational institutions:

Difficulty in conversational English due to lack of communication opportunities, despite satisfactory grammar skills.

Lack of Academic English Presentation (AEP) skills, especially for conferences and presentations.

Difficulty in getting information about overseas education opportunities/ application and differences in the education system.

Less or no chances of meeting people who would give a global perspective of life.


CLIL: Content and Language Integrated Learning.

Sessions with experienced International researchers for AEP.

Educational knowledge exchange with overseas students in Japan.

Meeting and networking with multilingual students.

With the help of our Beeber Birds!

What can we provide?

Presentation Workshop

Themed Group Discussion

Study Abroad Sessions

Real-Time Situation Talk

Unique Cultural Exchange

International Culinary Class

Craft & Art, Card & Board Games

Meet the Beeber Birds:

A 'Beeber Bird' is a language enthusiast interested in sharing and learning languages, exchanging cultures and playing fun interactive games with other international friends!

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