For Business Organizations

Current problems faced by business organizations:

Difficulty in conversational English of the employees thereby hampering the smooth overseas expansion/ communication of the company.

Difficulty in recruitment/ hiring of international employees due to difficulty in effective English communication by the company employees.

Inefficiency in recruitment/ hiring of international employees due to the complexity in procedures (paperwork/ institutional).

Less opportunity to collaborate for recruitment of foreign talent pool with Japanese higher educational institutions those with sizeable number of graduating international students.


Customised English communication sessions as per the company.

Facilitating the hiring process of international talent.

Connecting the international students directly to the companies.

Bilingually promoting recruitment news in international student groups.

With the help of our Beeber Birds!

What can we provide?

Presentation Workshop

Themed Group Discussion

Unique Cultural Exchange

Networking Sessions

Business Communication

Facilitated Job Interviews

Assistance in Paperwork

Promotional Assistance

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A 'Beeber Bird' is a language enthusiast interested in sharing and learning languages, exchanging cultures and playing fun interactive games with other international friends!

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